Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Wedding

I ended up in church again this week, but for a much happier reason.

Although I'm not sure why we were there. These people had obviously had sex at least three times. I've only been to a Catholic wedding once in the US and the couple had to beg everyone not to laugh if the priest said anything about "virgins" and "premarital sex" because the only reason they were allowed to be married in the church was because they lied. To a priest. Who can do that? Last week when one of the nuns asked me if I was christian (I obviously wasn't catholic because all the hand gestures I ignored and refused to take the scepter and do the cross thing over the coffin because I knew I would mess it up even though I know it goes.....down....left... right?

Well I wasn't risking it because even if I was Catholic I would do it wrong in France because people are always staring at me and making me more nervous and awkward than I already am.

 So I said "pas religion" even though I had though about lying because it seems rude to tell someone who has devoted her whole life to her religion and is married to God that you think her husband is imaginary. The truth just popped out of  my mouth. Nuns are like, magic or something.


  1. Always be you. It is less awkward!

  2. Unfortunately living in France is like being in junior high all over again. I look back and think fly your weird flag high! (but I can't believe you went out dressed like that.... fly that flag but in a different outfit). I've now graduated to high school (the part where I think I"m cool but I'm still not).