Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Crazy French Lady Just Left Her Baby Alone With Me

Some crazy French lady just left her baby alone with me. I have a passport, I'm married and people think I can keep babies alive.  It's official. I'm a verified grown-up certified adult. How depressing.

This is actually the baby of my friend who checks on Maza when we are out of town and was a victim of the "lucky" for getting pregnant curse on my apartment. Who knows, maybe that baby was conceived right here:

Maza is teaching this baby how to nap like a professional.

In other news, the kitchen is almost done. But half the pictures are on my Mac and until my new charger arrives I can't post pictures.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sometimes it's good to stuff the American part of you down and embrace being French

I was stood outside my friends apartment debating on whether or not to put my gloves on just to walk half a block and across the street to the metro when I received a text from David telling me he needed to be in Marseille Monday and Tuesday and did I want to come. We could leave Saturday so we would have four days there.

The American, unemployed part of me typed back with frozen fingers that we had just got back from vacation so why did he want to take another one. Mais, non! This wasn't a vacation, it was a "weekend".

The part of me that's sick to death of waiting for the kitchen to be done so I can unpack the boxes in the hallway said, "But what about the kitchen?". He said, "it can wait". I told him I would think about it.

The part of me that felt bad leaving Maza alone again for four days? Oh that part had already shriveled up and died on Monday when I found out she had chewed on my laptop cord again meaning I had to go back to using my trusty old Dell, circa 2006, which I had abandoned for my Mac the last time she chewed on the Dell cord. If I add up all the laptop cords, ipod cords and phone chargers she has ruined over the last ten years I will strangle her with one of them.

And then there was the lazy part of me that knows Marseilles is pretty big and didn't want to get lost. He said his hotel is right on the old port (Vieux-Port) so even I couldn't get lost.

He sent me a link to the hotel and told me it would be 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) "to help me think".

Today it's 3 degrees out (37 degrees Fahrenheit).

When I found myself grateful that the metro was cattle car crowded because all the extra body heat makes it warmer, I thought, "WTF is wrong with you? What are you hesitating for?" and texted back "oui. Absolutey OUI."

We visited Chateau d'If, which is the island prison in the Count of Monte Cristo

the cell on death row, which confined  Frère Valère de Foenis , burnt alive in 1588

There was a glass ceiling on the wharf which made taking selfies super easy

Sometimes it good to stuff the American part of you down and embrace being French.