Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Crazy French Lady Just Left Her Baby Alone With Me

Some crazy French lady just left her baby alone with me. I have a passport, I'm married and people think I can keep babies alive.  It's official. I'm a verified grown-up certified adult. How depressing.

This is actually the baby of my friend who checks on Maza when we are out of town and was a victim of the "lucky" for getting pregnant curse on my apartment. Who knows, maybe that baby was conceived right here:

Maza is teaching this baby how to nap like a professional.

In other news, the kitchen is almost done. But half the pictures are on my Mac and until my new charger arrives I can't post pictures.


  1. 1) Stinking cute! Mom left you with a Practically New I Just Got Here WTH Are All Those Bright Lights baby? You ARE a grow up!
    2) See #1.

    1. Yes, and she was so blase about it. This was the first time she had left him with anyone, and she was just like, thanks, ciao, out the door. Maybe because she has another son, so if I break this one she still has a replacement?

  2. LOL maybe you can run a day care out of your apartment?