Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ma Belle-Mère

My mother in law came to Paris to hang out with Maza while we were in Sardina. She decided to organise our hallway shelves while we were gone. (ummm thanks?) I haven't really bothered with the hallway because everything is going to get taken out when it gets repainted due to the damage from the leak in the apartment above us.

I'm pretty sure she washed the windows and floorboards also. We came home to post-it notes everywhere. I think I found them all (17of them so far) but I haven't checked the drawer where I hid my vibrator.

"For good weather (scarves and umbrellas)."

"For winter (mufflers? I don't know the name in English) and gloves".

"You are collecting these?? Here are all the products for cleaning windows!!! Nothing works as well as white vinegar in hot water! Re-sell, donate or throw these away! Kisses!!! "

I'm sure my friends in the US will enjoy their gift of hops from Pas-de-Calais even more now that she wrote poison on every single side.

"Product for cleaning the oven. Caution!!! Don't use in an oven that cleans itself. Use the self-cleaning setting when the oven is already hot!"

"Products for washing curtains!!! Where are they?? Call the police! Someone stole them!"

 (I refuse to put up curtains in the living room because I need all the light I can get in the winter. If the people across from us want to stare at me on the couch I really don't care.)

"Well, where is the candy? That's ok, I'm going to eat some of the chocolate. Kisses."

"Dish towels and hand towels. Kisses!! And some old rags!!!"

"Here, Maza told me that her dad and mom should buy her a scratching post, a big one (?!). She will surely tell you about it."

"Put this in the box of cleaning products when it is dry. Thanks."

"These two small towels I used for cleaning. Let them dry before putting them in the laundry basket. Thanks."

" I bought these rolls to put them on the glass door between the bedroom and the hallway, but I didn't have a ruler to trace with. I'm leaving you the work to do! These are removable and can be repositioned. You have to clean the glass before you install them then leave the glass a little wet for them to adhere. Good luck!!! Warning there are two sizes. One for the top and the other for the bottom."

"I started to replace the felt on the bottom of the chair legs where it was missing but I didn't finish. I asked Patrick to bring these from our house. We have too much of it. A little work for you! Kisses! I didn't put the chairs back around the table so Maza wouldn't be able to get on it. She likes to sit on the chair in front of the window."

She was not a big fan of the Brita water pitcher and left about five bottles of Evian behind. Did you ever notice that Evian backwards spells naive?


"Sorry, some stuff fell behind the washing machine!!! Kisses."

"Beware! Do not leave wet laundry in the laundry basket because it can rust the metal part and the rust can only be removed with a specific product "Rubrigine". Naughty children!"

"These are for well behaved children. But very, very well behaved. The red is for Emilie, the purple is for David. Don't fight over them!!!"

 "I'm sorry but while I was rearranging the books and talking on the phone with Raymonde I dropped a pile of books including your wedding album! It got damaged. For now I'm leaving it with you but I will replace it with mine the next time that we see each other. I'm really sorry kids!!! And I did not have the time to clean the front shelves and back shelves. It was too hot, I was too tired, and my back ached. I will do it next time!".

There wasn't a post it note on this box, but I'm pretty sure she looked inside and found the weed that accidentally got packed in our boat shipment five years ago.

"Products for the dishwasher. Sniff. There is no dishwasher."

If you want room in front push from the bottom and make sure nothing falls behind!!! Kisses."

If you want more room on one side or the other push the dvds from the bottom to make room, but make sure that the ones on the other side don't fall."

"Big kisses to the Parisians!!! See you soon."

My father in law and his girlfriend merely mailed me a card. He sends kisses from their dog Fifi also.

My mother in law did leave candy though.

And I'll never complain about arriving home to champagne chilling in the fridge. Especially after Air France lost my luggage for the second time this year.

Happy Birthday Emily
So anyone out there want a bottle of window cleaner from my collection?!?!