Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chez Nous

David has been home for a week now. Originally he was dreaming about steak for his first meal but when he finally got out he wanted me to make him my Mom's specialtly. Mac and cheese.

We went to see Avengers 2 and got Chipotle to go and the next day he made shepherds pie and the day after that he was craving shakshuka so I don't know how but chemo killed the cells that make him French.

We have stayed in our neighborhood mostly, except to go get his hair did and buy two hats.

It's nice to have him home. We are crossing our fingers and our toes that he has the full 15 days off before he starts the second round of chemo, but every extra day is special. And every day that goes by and they don't call is great. As much as we want this all over with, I think after more than a month we really need a break. It's so nice to go home after work instead of heading to the hospital. And it's great to enjoy the sun and the nice spring weather together.