Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's Pyjama Day

So normally I would be wearing David's XXL flannels and socks up to my knees and a sweatshirt and slippers, but for two months out of the year it is actually warm enough to wear this sexy little number.

Pyjama day is when I stay inside, and watch Real Housewives of whatever and lay about the house and don't bother with make up or real clothes. It is great especially when you have gained so much weight that you have gone up an entire size.

So back to the topic at hand. Super exciting and not boring at all to talk about. CANCER.

My Mom is not responding to transfusions anymore, which happens eventually with her type of Leukaemia.  So it's getting time to day good bye to her.

But how do you say goodbye to your mom? My dad disappeared one night while I was at a junior high dance. When I woke up and my mom told me he had a heart attack and I imagined a hospital room, one last hug, a chance to tell him that he was my dad and I loved him no matter what. His co-workers showed up in the middle of the night to break the news.

There was no goodbye.

So, how do you say good bye to your Mom? I really fucking want to know. I would rather slam a hammer to my teeth and pull out my eyelashes with pliers.

My step-dad is just as angry and sad as I am, and through it all he has become like a real dad to me. A feeling of safety I lost when I was 13 and never thought I would feel again.

Here is a story my boss told me. He is a doctor but above all he is funny and super smart and only hires crazy super cool women who give me hugs when I get bad news. (normally no hugs in France).

David's blood is like Afghanistan, and one women decides that she is going to make one million babies instead of the normal two.

They are going to kill everyone in Afghanistan to make sure this one women is dead and all her millions of babies. Then they will re-populate  the entire country with David's brothers bone marrow i.e immigrants.

If it works he is cured for life. If it does not work he dies,