Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Quick Update

David's youngest brother was a match and he had his bone marrow transplant on September 3rd. He is home now and doing well but is still very restricted as to what he can eat and where he can go (no where crowded like a movie theater, and never outside without a mask).

He can't touch Maza which she strangely and quickly adapted to. She also wasn't allowed to sleep with us but luckily David coming home meant that it was also her favorite day of the year.... the day the Heat Fairy comes and tunrs the heat on so she can sleep on a pillow in front of the radiator for 6 months. Plus as soon as his paranoid mom left we let her back in. The most dangerous bacteria for David is the stuff on his own body, so the sterilized food, not doing dishes or any kind of cleaning ect. is just a secondary precaution.

It's been a tough long haul since this all started in March and between this and a demanding job, I just don't have the energy to sit down and type out the same story I have repeated so many times to say many people. It's just so boring. No one ever says that about cancer. It's so fucking boring!

So, it's been tough but there is a silver lining. I just don't know for sure what it is yet.




  1. How long before David's immune system levels up? I think you're a major silver lining. Sorry, that's a weird compliment.

    1. awww thanks sweets. I am not complaining but my co-worker pointed out that cancer is almost as hard on the caretaker as it is on the person with cancer. I just keep paddling and now that things are going good I look back and think how the fuck did I hold it together for so long? (I definitely did not hold it together forever but that is a completely different post that will probably never be posted. xoxoxoo

  2. Thinking of you guys often. Hugs!!!

  3. Thinking of you guys often. Hugs!!!