Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One last post

March 29th marked the one year anniversary of David being hospitalized.

Everything was going great after his transplant in September. The first 100 days are the most dangerous, but everything went smoothly. Once you get past the first 100 days it is pretty smooth sailing after that and December 12th we planned to celebrate.

Unfortunately just a few days before our planned celebration David developed GVH.

(Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a rare medical complicationfollowing the receipt of transplanted tissue from a genetically different person. GvHD is commonly associated with stem cell or bone marrow transplant but the term also applies to other forms of tissue graft. Immune cells (white blood cells) in the donated tissue (the graft) recognize the recipient (the host) as "foreign." The transplanted immune cells then attack the host's body cells. GvHD can also occur after a blood transfusion if the blood products used have not been irradiated or treated with an approved pathogen reduction system.)

So we are not out of the woods yet. But we are plugging along and trying to handle the setback and disappoint as well as possible. It isn't immediately life threatening, but still having to go to Necker hospital a year later when they were so positive and assured us repeatedly that they could cure him is a hard pill to swallow.

Either way, I stopped writing and don't plan on writing in the near future so this will be my last post and I will be making my blog private until if or when I feel like writing again.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your kind words and don't fret my pets. There are new blogs about living in Paris popping up every month.